Christmas Revision Courses

The Christmas holidays are increasingly joining those of Easter as a revision period. Under the modular system, units of the A2, AS, and GCSE examinations are now routinely sat in January. And for younger pupils, the Common Entrance 11+ is also held in January. In contrast to the Easter period, however, Christmas tends to be treated as a complete holiday in every sense: it is the festive season, a social and family time. Traditionally, therefore, students have tended to take these holidays off, promising themselves that they will buckle down to serious work when they return to school in January.

This is no longer viable if students wish to obtain good grades. Now they will be faced with their first public examination almost as soon as they return to school. Everyone, however, will want to take time off at Christmas, and one of the many advantages of individual tuition is its flexible timetabling. It can both be fitted around leisure activities and offer a quiet environment for study away from the many distractions of the season. Hence the student has full choice of days and times for tutorials, except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, which even we take off.

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Dates and syllabus

As we offer tuition to individuals or to pre-formed pairs and small groups, students may book whichever week they wish during their Christmas vacation. This gets round the problem of the dates of the Christmas holidays varying widely between schools: hence many students find that the rigid dates of group Christmas courses do not suit their particular schedules. Secondly, we can offer a very particular focus on the individual’s syllabus in any given subject. We can, for example, always offer tuition on the specific set books of A2 Modern Language students. Revision courses which put a number of students following different syllabuses into the same group are usually unable to meet this need.

Applications for the Christmas course

These may be made at any time. Naturally we prefer reasonable notice, but our tailor-made and individualized approach enable us to respond flexibly to late applications: for example, even those made when the student’s Christmas holidays have already started.
For specific details, see How to enrol


All ages and examinations are catered for, and although Christmas revision is of particular interest to students who will be sitting their examinations in January or early February, those who are sitting in the summer may find an early start on revision useful.


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