The Tutorial System

Individual tuition

Individual tuition means tailor-made tuition. The course can be entirely shaped to the needs of the student in question, as he or she will have the tutor’s undivided attention. And as they delve deeper into their course content, students usually discover that their academic needs indeed do become increasingly individualized, ranging from the remedial through consolidation to the enhancement of existing strengths.

Most of our students are primarily following classes at school; but all too often the class situation does not allow for a focus on an individual’s needs, because class teachers are forced to divide and therefore dilute their attention. Our supplementary tuition and full-scale revision programmes offset this.


Individual tuition meets students’ needs in the purely organizational sense, having minimal constraints of timing: the duration, i.e. the starting and finishing dates, and the daily timetable within them, are negotiable. Such flexibility is calculated to appeal particularly to those students who have to fit tuition in with other commitments.

Part-timers are tutored out of the hours of their usual school or college: late afternoons/early evenings, half-days, weekends, half-term; while comprehensive revision courses take place in the major vacations. Tuition is arranged throughout the year except for the few days immediately around Christmas.

Part-time students may book the number of tutorial hours per subject they wish. But negotiation remains the keynote, and Oxford Individual Tuition will advise on the optimum number which is realistic, given the needs of the individual. Someone, for example, who expects (and needs) to cover most of the key topics of an A-level syllabus but hopes to do so in five hours will be advised to increase the number of hours.

Full-time students will, for mutual convenience, broadly follow the standard school terms and receive at least three hours’ tuition per subject per week

Paired and small-group tuition

We will arrange this on request in the following circumstances where the advantages of individual tuition will be only slightly diluted:

  • for two or more classmates who are following the same syllabus; or
  • (far rarer) for two students from different schools who happen to be following substantially the same syllabus.

In both cases the Centre has to be satisfied that the needs and objectives of the participants are compatible. The fees payable by each student are, of course, appreciably reduced from the level of individual tuition.


Our tutors are people of the highest calibre, well qualified and experienced, and thoroughly familiar with all examination syllabuses. Many of them are examiners themselves, and all have a stock of relevant past papers. Our tutoring is always attuned to the specific examinations to be taken by the student.


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