How to get there

Kennett Road is on the south side of the London Road in central Headington, between Windmill Road to the east and New High Street to the west. As you look down Kennett Road, the HSBC bank is your left and Cartridge World on your right.

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Detailed directions
  • By Car Note that Kennett Road is a one-way street running up to the London Road (A420). This means that you cannot simply turn straight off the London Road into Kennett Road. But you can’t get into it from Windmill Road either, as there is a barrier in Bateman Street. The best way get to 39 Kennett Road by car from the London Road is to drive down New High Street and (about two-thirds of the way down) turn first left into Bateman Street. Kennett Road is then the first road on the left, and No. 39 (a blue house) is about a third of the way up on the right. Please park on the front of the house, as parking in the street can be very difficult. If you have not visited the area before, you will be surprised to see a shark sticking out of a roof as you drive down New High Street – take care!
  • By bus For anyone coming towards Oxford from the direction of London, the central Headington bus stop is just at the end of Kennett Road, and both long-distance and local buses stop there. For those coming up to Headington from central Oxford, the central Headington bus stop is just past the main traffic lights at the Windmill Road junction, and you have to walk back a short way. Any bus marked “Headington” stops at the central Headington stop, including the Thornhill Park & Ride service.
  • By bike There is a contra-flow cycle lane in Kennett Road, so you can ride straight down it quite legally. No. 39 is about two-thirds of the way down on the left.



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